About a decade ago, an individual’s online activity had little-to-no influence on a custody case during a divorce. But with the rise of social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the game has changed. Divorce lawyers now bring in evidence from these sites to help sway cases in their clients’ favor.

But how does social media activity actually influence custody cases?

Social Media Reveals Hidden Clues Regarding Income and Assets

It doesn’t take a brilliant detective to snoop through a couple of your profiles and find evidence contradicting any claims you make in court, such as your inability to pay child support. For instance, lawyers can easily use photos of new cars, expensive meals or designer clothes as evidence that you are hiding assets. 

Posts by your new girlfriend or boyfriend that display lavish gifts you bought them can also be brought up. The team could indicate that you are dissipating your marital assets by blowing money on these expensive gifts. 

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Posts Containing X-Rated Content Create an Unflattering Image of You

While a short tweet about a “wild Friday night out” may initially seem harmless, your ex-spouse’s lawyer can still use it against you during a custody case. A once-innocent tweet or picture of you holding up a cocktail has suddenly turned into evidence that you are an irresponsible parent. 

You are also creating an unflattering image of yourself on social media when you post aggressive rants containing violent and offensive language — regardless of who it’s pertaining to. It will paint you as an unstable person. 

While you could block your ex-spouse from your account, that will send an immediate red flag to them. No matter what, consider leaving all negativity off of the internet. 

Status Updates Regarding Your Relationship Will Negatively Impact Your Case

Beware of publishing a dating profile or uploading status changes indicating that you are in another relationship before your divorce has even been finalized. Chances are the courts won’t view you as a “family” man or woman…which does not make you look good! And never do things like this, of course: creating a dating profile claiming that you are “single, with no kids.” 

Whether you like it or not, your social media handles have evolved into extensions of yourself. The content you post and the links you “like” influence the way the world sees you. If you aren’t sure whether or not a post or photo can be taken the wrong way, then don’t post it. 

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